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Feb 3, 2013 7:30pm PST
deborah benedict. : >> hi. deborah benedict, again with senior and disability action and i will also mention that i am a member of californians for disability rights, which is a statewide organization that does keep track of the lawsuits and actions that are going on statewide. so it might behoove the mayor's office on disability to join the californians for disability rights, because there are plenty of emails that i get blasted about that kind of information. one of the things that i wanted to share about my experience of being in managed care at this point was my managed care provider, which is lion martin health care, claimed that they were trying to improve patient experience and they cut out the ability to make appointments on a voicemail or that was connected to the company. so now you get put into a phone queue. and i don't know how many people are familiar with being endlessly in loops of phone queues, but it's extremely frustrating when you are sick or need to make an appointment. so that improvement or their efforts to try to improve the patient experience has not in my ex
Feb 3, 2013 6:30pm PST
deborah benedict. i am a member of senior disability action. i actually wanted to share my experience in getting to this meeting. i was held up down in the carlton or actually on the grove street side of the entrance to this building. i had previously had a problem. i use a razor scooter as a mobility device. heather contacts the sheriff's office because i was given a problem getting in and out of the building for meetings. i got a letter from the building manager that stated that they apologized and they understand that i use this as a mobility device and that there would not be a problem. well, unfortunately, that word has not gotten through to all of the people that work at the sheriff's department. so i was held up through two or three different people coming out, until someone came down the hallway. this has happened more than once. so i don't understand what the communication issue is in the sheriff's department or why they have to make it a big deal each and every time i come into the building. as if i am, you know, 20 and i'm going to be riding my scooter willy nilly racing up
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2